Our chauffeurs are highly trained professionals – they understand that it is their responsibility to ensure the comfort of every client, but perhaps more importantly, their safety and security. Our chauffeurs are trained to take into account all factors involved in the journey – such as the most suitable route to take, the surrounding environment (crowded areas, peak and off peak times, weather conditions, current events to name a few), and will behave with discretion; in a manner that attracts the least amount of attention to both the vehicle and the clients on board.

Upon arrival for any journey – whether it be upon pick up or drop off, our drivers will courteously open and close the limousine doors. It is unquestionable that this is just a small part of our ethic to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, however, this also ties in with putting the clients’ safety and security first.

We ensure that our clients’ never exit our vehicle into oncoming traffic. We make sure that in the event of extreme weather conditions our clients’ are always safe when in our care – for example – we make sure that a door is never blown shut on the client in windy conditions. All Star Chauffeurs have entered into confidentiality agreements – our chauffeurs understand that whatever is heard in the limousine, stays in the limousine.

Discretion and confidentiality are held in high regard at Star Chauffeurs, so you can be assured that any conversation taking place in our limousines will remain confidential. In special circumstances where security of the passengers is of the utmost concern, speak to us today about how Star can provide you with non-invasive security personnel who are not only trained in personal protection but operate in the most polite and discreet manner.